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12th December 2022

Planning Appeals Map

When someone mentions that appeal decision down the road, turn left past the pub, you know, at whatsitcalled…..don’t you groan and wish there was a map?  Good news – there is!

Searching appeals by broad placename

AppealFinder’s map includes every appeal decision with a postcode in its site address.  It’s the quickest route to find appeals geographically.  For example, if you type in ‘Ramsbottom’ you get the following map.


You can zoom in and click on appeals to see each Decision Notice:


Why not try it out for yourself?  If only to find out how many ‘Ramsbottoms’ appear in appeal Decisions that have nothing to do with the place (it’s an unfortunate surname to have).  You can test out our service free for a month.   Just drop us a few details on our contact us form.  trial.png

For another example of how to search the map by keyword, see our September blog.