Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Appeal Finder Subscription FAQs

  1. How many users/logins do I need to buy?
  2. What methods of payment do you accept?
  3. Where has Worldpay gone?
  4. I have just paid but the system isn't letting me on.
  5. I need a pro-forma invoice before I can pay. How do I get one?
  6. I need to reprint an invoice. How do I request one?
  7. What are your credit terms and other Ts&Cs?
  8. What is the per document download cost?
  9. What's your "fair use" policy?
  10. How do I cancel a subscription?
  11. My credit/ debit card has expired. How do I update the card details?

2. Appeal Searching FAQs

  1. Why does a single appeal reference bring up multiple appeals?
  2. Duplicates of an appeal decision
  3. How to use the appeals map
  4. Missing from the appeals map
  5. Why does PINS have a different number of appeals for a given day?
  6. Missing from the appeals list
  7. Multi Decision - what does this mean?
  8. Appeal Planning Officer assisting an Inspector - how do I find such appeals?
  9. Linked appeals
  10. Finding appeals from pre-Unitary LPAs
  11. Welsh appeals
  12. Keyword searching advice

3. Website navigation FAQs

  1. Customer Privacy Notice as required by the GDPR
  2. Where do I find the latest on appeal timescales?
  3. Where do I find the number of appeals by appeal type for each LPA?
  4. Where do I find appeal performance (% allowed) by LPA?
  5. Where do I find appeal success rates (% allowed) by Inspector?
  6. Where do I find News Blogs?
  7. Where is your link to the Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results, housing delivery & the affordability index?
  8. Where are DLUHC's statistics on affordable housing waiting lists and AH delivery?
  9. What types of appeals are included on the Appeal Finder database?
  10. Why use Appeal Finder?